DIY not?

I recently underwent a bit of a brand renovation with Lexi at Special Kind Design I could’ve taken a DIY approach but I decided it would make more sense for me to focus on my own clients, so I asked Lexi to guide me. Initially I approached Lexi thinking – “I need a new look”, but it turns out brand design is so much more. She took me through a her brand clarity process, digging into what I do and most importantly, who my clients are and what they want. We made a vision board, met several times to review her proposals and I’ve come away with a set of Brand Guidelines so that I can implement it all with ease. It’s turns out visual branding is only a small part of your brand identity.

There were, perhaps unsurprisingly, huge parallels with my own work – establishing the desirable outcomes and how she could deliver those for me. There is great value in being challenged on your own ideas to bring clarity on what you’re trying to do. I take the same approach with my clients – I’ll challenge you on your requirements, not to disuade you or to prove you wrong, just to be sure you are clear on your needs. Equally, you may raise objections to my suggestions and we’ll develop proposals together, it’s an iterative process.

There’s no doubt you could undertake a house renovation project without an architect, just as I could’ve re-branded on my own, but the outcome will inevitably be a better one if you choose someone with the relevant experience to guide you through it.